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Promoting an inclusive counseling


Quanta Bar Smart Marketing solutions for Universed

As an experienced provider of youth education solutions, Universed has a powerful message to share, and we at Quanta Bar, the AI marketing pioneers, helped them reach a wider audience of students quickly and effectively.

Understanding the client reality.

Making a career choice can be one of the most difficult decisions to make, but Universed is dedicated to helping students make the right choice by offering academic counseling and guidance tailored to their interests, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and potential.

From pre-admission counsel to post-application follow-up, Universed offers a range of services to support students throughout their academic journey. As an experienced provider of youth education solutions, Universed has a powerful message to share, and we at Quanta Bar, the AI marketing pioneers, helped them reach a wider audience of students quickly and effectively.

Universed's Expertise & Objectives

Students secure a better future with Universed. An all equipped academic guidance consultancy, Universed will devise a unique plan for every student based on their interests and academic standing, without biases while advising on standardized tests, finding suitable universities, aiding with university applications, helping with final university selection and following up on the applications.

Universed is committed to guiding students towards their dream careers with a clear educational vision. But in order to effectively connect with the right audience, a well-planned marketing strategy is essential. That's where Quanta Bar comes in.

Universed entrusted Quanta Bar with developing a comprehensive marketing plan, designed to reach students globally via social media platforms and an interactive website which is both informative and visually attractive . Our strategy also includes easy-to-use business-to-client forms, allowing students to request a free consultation.

What We Helped Them Achieve

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Quanta Bar has successfully aligned itself with Universed's mission of engaging and appealing to the minds of students. Bearing this target audience in mind, we recognized the significance of attractive visuals and a rebranding effort that would serve Universed both online and offline.

To captivate the attention of tech-savvy young students, it was crucial to strike the right tone of voice. Quanta Bar developed and designed a website that encompasses all necessary information conveyed in a visually appealing design. We wanted the new generation to savour a seamless experience that was fast and easy through the use of UX and UI. We aimed to provide them with easy access over any device and retain their interest in the long run to visit the website continuously and tirelessly.

Our team also worked on branded collaterals and created compelling content that was perfectly aligned with the website and SEO marketing strategy. An image brand makes all the difference in getting the right message across. Printed collateral leads to curiosity and solidifies brand presence online and offline.

Captivating a young audience by incorporating powerful messages and implementing SEO tactics establishes credibility and builds trust in a market saturated with competitors who offer similar services. Google searches never go amiss with the younger crowd, and this is why we focused on the right wording and content that was both specific and enticing for any student to visit Universed’s web page.

Our primary objective was not only to create engaging content but also to encourage students to take action by using the B2C form to contact Universed and bring in new leads. B2C provides a larger target audience reach in a personalized manner while also allowing the business to gain more data and information on their clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. Meeting the audience’s specific needs is of utmost value, and the more information gathered, the higher the lead conversions become, the higher the traffic and ROI.

The results of our efforts speak for themselves. Universed has experienced a significant increase in their potential for success, and our team is proud to have played a vital role in this achievement.