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A New Way to Stand Out

Pied confort

Pied Confort - A New Way to Stand Out featured image at Quanta Bar AI Smart Marketing Solutions

At Quanta Bar, we pride ourselves on understanding the healthcare regulations and laws, and understanding its reality while delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations. Our full-service AI marketing plan for Pied Confort achieved just that, satisfying our client and his partners.

Understanding the client reality.

Pied Confort is dedicated to providing top-quality services and treatments in podiatry, founded on the latest technologies and knowledge in the field. With a team of health professionals led by founder Dr. Anthony Careccia, Pied Confort offers personalized guidance and treatments on the health and care of their clients, and tailored to their specific needs.

When Dr. Careccia opened his new clinic in Fontainebleau, he turned to Quanta Bar for assistance in creating a marketing plan that truly showcased his state-of-the-art podiatric practice. Working closely with our client, we developed a comprehensive strategy to launch a successful business and stand out against the competition. Our services included naming the clinic, designing and developing the brand, developing a website with compelling written content, and establishing a strong social media presence. In addition, we launched effective Google Ad campaigns and optimized the website for on-page SEO.

Pied Confort’s Expertise & Objectives

Opening a new clinic in a new geographical zone brought about challenges for Dr. Careccia, namely when trying to stand out among direct competitors in the area.

It was not only about standing out, it was also about being represented in a whole new way and sending the right marketing message across, while adhering to the laws and regulations of the Podiatrics Order of Quebec.

An exquisite podiatric clinic needed a strong name that signified its purpose, a web page that gave clients a seamless experience from obtaining services information to booking appointments online. Additionally, Dr. Careccia wanted a strong social media presence, lead generation and lead conversions.

After quantifying the challenges at hand, Quanta Bar’s team of experts presented Dr. Careccia with smart marketing solutions empowered by AI marketing tools fit for his exact needs.

What We Helped Them Achieve

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First things first, Quanta Bar selected an appropriate name “Pied Confort”, which simply means “the comfort of your feet”.  The chosen title and logo that was created, embedded a strong and direct informative message for Dr. Careccia’s vision and mission.

In collaboration with Agence Design Conduct, Pied Confort gained an offline presence through printed collateral which intrigued the audience’s curiosity and hence directed them to the highly automated website that we developed, integrated with UX/UI and offered an online booking system for appointments. But no online presence is rendered complete without the application of PPC marketing on Google. This was meant for reaching a wider audience and again, directing them to Pied Confort’s website, significantly leading to a 450% growth in 2 months at an average of 456+ business profile interactions monthly. 80+ Business Calls were also generated from Google with a cumulative growth of 250% in 2 months’ time.

Pied Confort received 5 star-reviews on Google and Facebook especially after we worked on the marketing content, SEO and social media presence on various platforms, relying heavily on Facebook and Google Ads.

Quanta Bar’s professional Smart Marketing Solutions lead to an efficient delivery while helping the team focus on the results. In just 2 months, the team of expert cyborgs ensured digital services that made a difference. Keeping into account the specificity of the industry, its laws, specific wording content while also delivering a strong presence and creating a market breakthrough in an extremely competitive geographical zone.

Quanta Bar facilitates the advancement and expansion of a business by assembling teams that align precisely with a business’ requirements. Our teams are adept at combining performance and brand marketing, global and local perspectives, and data-driven and purpose-driven approaches to achieve optimal results.

Proudly, in a very restrictive time frame, we were able to help our client distinguish themselves from competitors in the market. In 2 months the number of generated leads from was increased by 125% with an average of 322+from Direction Requests.

Lead generation in two months
Google profile interactions
High quality website traffic
I chosen others because Its not possible to choose all. I am amazed with his work. The good thing about this theme is the front end Elementor builder. I really love it and I am personally using this to showcase my work. I have decided to use this on my own brand.
Client – Timothy T. Dunlap