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Pied confort

At Quanta Bar, we pride ourselves on understanding the healthcare regulations and laws, and understanding its reality while delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations. Our full-service AI marketing plan for Pied Confort achieved just that, satisfying our client and his partners.


At Quanta Bar, we take pride in supporting corporate excellence and helping businesses like SpecPharma thrive.


Quanta Bar’s AI smart marketing solutions and expertise reflects commitment to excellence and passion for helping companies become the best version of themselves.


As an experienced provider of youth education solutions, Universed has a powerful message to share, and we at Quanta Bar, the AI marketing pioneers, helped them reach a wider audience of students quickly and effectively.

Quanta Bar

Quanta bar is an AI Smart Marketing Solution boutique, re-imagining the why and the how a business should invest in marketing.

Six Cs Group inc.

Future-proof and reshape your business. Six Cs Group inc. is the house for financial, marketing and management consulting.

Design Conduct

Branding and strategy agency. Brands are built online, sustained by experience, and grow by strategy.

House of YOGA

In a market that’s often more focused on functionality than good looks, Kinsey stands out as a beautifully designed product. The templates set out to emphasize that.

Smarter Landmark Management